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We always think that talent is to promote enterprise development and prosperity of the decisive factor. Is the first enterprise many resources, the enterprise should be in their resources development, realize the harmonious talents with synchronous development, can guarantee enterprises to establish a good corporate culture, enterprises core competitiveness and sustainable and stable development. The company's history is passion deducts the history of acquiring, talent. Upon completion of the capital accumulation process, gathered a batch of high recognition of enterprise culture, they all levels talents for the contribution to the company for the future of the company, and laid a good foundation. In the new period, we expect more professional talents to join in the big teams, and provide platforms, full of wisdom, to individuals, realize self-worth.

So choose to gauge: "no best, only the fittest".

Principle: "so utilization of choose and employ persons who have short,".

Pilot: "so yucai strategy training, combine, abnormality selection"

So retention strategy: "business attraction, value guidance, returns to satisfy".

So weak way: "almighty curve, let YongZhe, under" form.

So high, medium, base on three levels of employee expectations and attitude:

Business manager (name),

Business elite (name),
Requirements: above college degree or above, love hot work, positive enterprising, there are more than 1 year experience in sales.
Note: salary negotiable, please send email to the company.

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